The Ramshead Automobile Collection

     The Ramshead Collection is a private collection in Sacramento, California designed by Sherman Warren. This unique museum space resembles an automobile dealership showroom from the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s complete with a motorized turntable showcasing the car of the month. Along the side interior wall is a local artist’s recreation of the typical ’40′s diner. Some ’40′s looking characters are seated in the diner while their cars, new then, are actually parked in front. Along the rear wall are two billboards from the 1950′s depicting a Levi Strauss ad, and Bing Crosby advertising Chesterfield cigarettes and Mercury. Cars enter through a stone-faced arched tunnel opening carved out of a very real rendition of a foliage laden hill.

     Adorning the unusually high space are a large number of original neon period car dealer signs. Neon signs and the lavish use of neon on the diner superstructure casts interesting reflections on the cars and lend a warm glow to this intimate space perfect for specialized events.